Return Client - Jin Shin Jyutsu 30 Min.

A holistic, hands-on, mind-body harmonizing and balancing session

  • 30 minutes
  • 55 US dollars
  • Maplewood Location - Mana Energy Collective|Montclair, NJ Location|Morristown, NJ Location

Service Description

Relieve Stress. Enhance Well-being. Achieve Balance. Often referred to  as  acupuncture without the needles, Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an ancient healing art and that uses light touch on various energy centers in the body to calm the nervous system, elicit relaxation and facilitate harmony and balance in the body and mind.  Jin Shin Jyutsu® has been shown to relieve pain, alleviate acute and chronic conditions, eliminate stress and fatigue, promote optimal immune function, improve sleep and digestion, and create emotional equilibrium among other health and wellness concerns. During a Jin Shin Jyutsu® session the patient remains clothed and lies face-up on a cushioned acupuncturist's table. After a personalized assessment and listening to the energy pulses in the wrists, I employ hands-on harmonizing sequences or "flows," appropriate for unblocking energetic pathways and restoring harmony and balance. A "flow" is a series of hand placement combinations that stimulates the circulation of energy along a given pathway. There are many such pathways in the body, each with a distinct function and essence.  Patient's most commonly experience deep relaxation. In addition to gaining relief from acute and chronic physical concerns, my patients experience greater mental clarity and emotional equilibrium that facilitates a personal transformation and an empowered approach to their own health and wellbeing. At the end of each session I provide my clients with a simple self-help flow or set of flows unique to them that they can adopt and integrate into their health and wellness routine. The experience of Jin Shin Jyutsu® is unique to each person during each session. Jin Shin Jyutsu® integrates with other health and wellness practices, including yoga, Pilates, strength training, and cardio routines for improved performance, recovery and general life balance. 

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your session please contact me a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Please note, your account will be will charged for the full price of the scheduled session if cancelled in less than 24 hours.

Contact Details

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