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What does health and wellbeing look like to you?

If you were to imagine being in a state of health and wellbeing, what does that look like to you?

Jin Shin Jyutsu has been shown to relieve pain, alleviate acute and chronic conditions, eliminate stress and fatigue, promote optimal immune function, improve sleep and digestion, and create emotional equilibrium among other health and wellness concerns.

What I like best about Jin Shin Jyutsu is its harmonizing and balancing effect, which seems to re-calibrate one's physical, mental and emotional baseline.

I say this because in addition to finding relief from their immediate wellness concerns, I've observed my clients experience a positive shift in perspective, self-awareness and motivation that prompts action and enables an empowered approach to their personal wellbeing. For some this has led to committing to daily walks or another self-care practice. Two, specifically, have taken a more proactive approach with their primary physician and scheduled tests they've been avoiding. Some have become inspired to work on their relationships, reconciliation and letting go. Others have felt 'more centered', confident and willing to receive after decades of giving and giving. Some have finally gotten to those boxes of memories after years in the attic and others have repainted and fixed up that side room that is now a studio.

I am not exactly sure how it all works, but I do know that Jin Shin Jyutsu will support you on your personal path to recovery, health, and a more balanced and harmonized way of being with yourself and in the world.

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